Teaching in the Margins

"…I have been always solicitous of an ample margin; this not so much through any love of the thing in itself, however agreeable, as for the facility it affords me of pencilling (sic) suggested thoughts, agreements, and differences of opinion, or brief critical comments in general."

— Edgar Allan Poe

The WAC Clearinghouse landing page on Writing@CSUMarginalia — Scribbled notes in the margins of books recording one's immediate thoughts and reactions while reading the published work of others. Samuel T. Coleridge and Edgar Allan Poe were fond and frequent practitioners.

The margins of your students' papers can likewise be put to use for one-on-one teaching moments. A whiteboard of sorts, margins provide a convenient space for:

To learn more about using the margins to respond to student writing, visit the Writing@CSU Teaching Guide Teaching in the Margins: Commenting on Student Writing.