Peer Observation: Related Links

Observation Tools, Guides, Protocols and Forms

Peer Review of Teaching Checklist: Florida State University, Computer Science Dept.

Class Observation Record: University of Exeter.
This source provides a very useful form for observing peer assessment of teaching.

Peer Review of Teaching: University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
This award-winning multi-university project is designed to support those involved in peer review. It includes portfolio examples, assessment documents (Student Time Inventory; Faculty Time Inventory; Supplemental Teaching Inventory; Observation Protocol; Course Materials Feedback Form), external links and a peer review newsletter.

University of Washington Collection of Student Evaluation Forms.
This site includes a collection of 14 types of student evaluation forms categorized by type of teaching environment (large lecture, small lecture, lab, seminar, distance learning, etc.).

Peer Review Guides

North Carolina State University.
This source gives a good definition and description of the types of peer review. A summary of best practices, resources, and references are provided.

Cornell University Center for Learning and Teaching.
View the Cornell University Teaching Evaluation Handbook, Chapter 4: Criteria for Evaluating Data on Teaching. This source lists the characteristics of effective teachers, provides guidelines for peer classroom observation, suggests criteria for evaluating teaching and course materials.

University of Washington - Center for Instructional Development and Research.
This source provides guidelines for classroom observation for peer review of teaching. The roles of the teacher and the observer before, during, and after the observation session are outlined. From the CIDR Bulletin Volume 1(4), 1998.

Temple University Fox School of Business - Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.
This link includes a detailed outline of the process and content for peer-review of teaching. Criteria are provided for observations of classroom teaching, evaluation of teaching materials and review of the out-of-class teaching related activities. A peer review rating form is included.

American Council of Learned Societies.
From The Professional Evaluation of Teaching, Washington, DC: American Council of Learned Societies, Occasional Paper No. 33. This source discusses the role of faculty in the evaluation of teaching from the perspective of the American Association for Higher Education Peer Review project.