Dealing with Plagiarism

Plagiarism — The Oxford English Dictionary (2008) defines it as:

"The action or practice of taking someone else's work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one's own; literary theft."

Understanding and Addressing Plagiarism landing page on Writing@CSUAs at all academic institutions, plagiarism at CSU is a serious offense; a violation of the academic integrity policy. Recognizing and responding to it is the responsibility of all members of the teaching faculty.

A Cautionary Note: Not all students who plagiarize do it intentionally. It is often committed out of both ignorance and sloppiness.

Unfamiliar with the rules of academic writing, students suspected of plagiarism are often guilty of nothing more than paraphrasing or summarizing without a proper citation.

Simple procrastination is another culprit: Students with underdeveloped time-management skills are easily tempted to take academically dishonest shortcuts.

To learn more about plagiarism, detection techniques, and strategies for preventing it in the first place, the Writing@CSU Teaching Guide Understanding and Addressing Plagiarism.