TILT Podcasts

Welcome to the collection of TILT Podcasts. The collection includes the following list of audio versions of several of our teaching tips. We continue to add podcasts, so bookmark the page and check for updates. Welcome to the teaching tips podcast page. Below is the collection of podcasts (audio files) of teaching tips developeded by TILT. For the text files of these tips please visit our teaching tips main page http://teaching.colostate.edu/tips/.

"Clickers" aka Classroom Response Systems
An introduction to automated classroom response systems

Academic Integrity
Professor Darrell Fontane shares an article on Academic Integrity in Engineering which is applicable to teaching in most disciplines.

Colorado State University Access Project: Universal Design for Learning
A short introduction to UDL and the CSU ACCESS project website.

Crafting a Teaching Persona
This tip addresses the image an instructor presents to his/her classroom audience.

Creating an Effective Syllabus:
This tip gives an overview of how to create a standard syllabus plus four helpful links to web sites on syllabus designing.

Dealing with Disruptive Classroom Behavior
A short classroom management guide.

Designing Homework:
This tip provides some suggestions for designing homework assignments that will help students to get the most out of your class.

Discriminatory Language: Three Primary Forms
A quick look at the three primary forms of discriminatory language.

Diverse Ways of Learning
This tip describes a Teaching With Technology Workshop presented by award-winning professor David Greene.

Diversity: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
This tip reviews Chapter 5 in Barbara Gross Davis' 1993 Tools for Teaching.

Find What You Love: Stanford Commencement Address
This is a link to an inspiring commencement address given by Steve Jobs at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA June 12, 2005

Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements
A short, summary of a widely circulated teaching article written by award winning educator, Richard W. Leblanc.

Listen to Your Heart
Thomas L. Friedman, journalist and author of the award-winning book, The World is Flat, gives a commencement speech at Williams College.

Podcasting in Higher Education
This teaching tip links to a interview with Dr. Daniel Colman, Director and Associate Dean of Stanford University's Continuing Studies program, who discusses the use of podcasting at the college level.

Readings for Teaching in Higher Education
This tip lists a few excellent books on the topic of teaching in higher education.

Recruiting and Retaining the Underrepresented
This tip provides some suggestions on how to assist students from underrepresented groups to obtain scholarships and fellowships.

Service Learning: Connecting the Classroom with the Community
This tip briefly describes service learning and its benefits and links to a comprehensive article on the topic.

Sexist Language: What is it?
A quick look at four main characteristics of sexist language.

Six Tips for Handling Grade Complaints:
A list of suggestions to include in the syllabus and first day class discussion regarding grades and grade complaints.

Speaking of Disabilities
A guide to speaking about people with disabilities.

Stop it! You’re Killing Me! Retooling Your Lecture
This Teaching Tip explores livening up lectures by implementing active instructional methods in the classroom.

Take Charge of Your In-Box
Suggestions for implementing appropriate student/instructor email communication boundaries.

Teach to Where the Puck Will Be
This tip discusses teaching with an eye toward the future.

Teaching Teamwork Skills
This tip on teaching students teamwork skills was contributed by Professor Darrell Fontane of the College of Engineering.

Using PowerPoint to Promote Active Learning
This tip gives suggestions on how to use PowerPoint to engage students more actively

Using Sound in Classroom Projects
This tip summarizes a podcast from the Chronicle of Higher Education about using audio recording in class projects.

Using Student Evaluations to Improve Teaching
This tip will provide some pointers on how to use end-of-the-semester Course Evaluations to improve teaching.

Using Tablet PCs as "Labtops"
This tip summarizes some creative uses of Tablet PCs as they are used by a Colorado State University chemistry professor.

Using Technology Tools Before & After Class—Not During
Brief review of methods to employ technology outside of the classroom rather than inside.