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5 Ways Online Teaching Positively Affects Your Classroom, by Rachael Brothers

Stay On Course With the Daily Class Session Guide, by Barbara Hooper, PhD

Establishing Independent Students, by Rachael Brothers

Fostering Learning Retention, by Rachael Brothers

Master Teacher Initiative Teaching Tips

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Academic Integrity
Accessibility: Digital Media
Active Learning
Assessment: Tests/Quizzes/Questioning
Cheating and Plagiarism
Class Administration/Classroom Models
Classroom Behavior
Commencement Addresses/Inspiration
Copyright Essentials
Course Design and Evaluation
Creativity and the Classroom
Current Issues in Higher Education
Discussion Strategies
Distance/Online Strategies
Experiential Education
First Day Tips
Funny Stuff
Lesson Planning
Lecture Tips
Professional Matters
Student Centered Instruction
Teaching in the Disciplines
Teaching Strategies
5 Simple Tips for Improving Group Projects: Info
Dealing with Mid-Semester Stress: Seven tips with which to battle mid-semester blues. Info
Finding Educational Multimedia Online: Info
Good Teaching: Balancing the Abstract with the Concrete: One good principle of effective teaching is to use concrete, real-world examples to introduce abstract concepts. Info
Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements: A short, summary of a widely circulated teaching article written by award winning educator, Richard W. Leblanc. Info
Grandma's Way ain't the Only Way to Cook a Ham: Info
Help Students Think like a Scientist: Info
Help Your Students Develop a Growth Mindset: Info
Improving College-Level Critical Thinking Skills: Activity assignments that promote critical thinking. Info
Improving Your Course Evals: Three Proactive Steps You Can Take: Info
Intentional Closure: A Path to Student Accountability: Info
Managing the End of the Semester : Info
Six Key Attributes of Successful Teaching: Info
Smell Your Eggs Before You Eat Them!: Info
Teaching "Millennials": Embracing a Digital World: Review and link to a concise article exploring the affect of digital media devices on current pedagogical practices. Info
Teaching "Millennials": Give Them What They Need: Review and link to article suggesting how to meet "Net" Gen information gathering and communication needs. Info
Teaching Millennials: First, Who Are They?: Brief description of "Millennial" characteristics and links to online articles reporting on the subject. Info
Teaching Teamwork Skills: Intro to a two-part article on teaching teamwork skills. Info
Teaching with Humor: A brief tip on using humor in the classroom and a link to Ted Powers' article in the Observer Info
The Jigsaw Classroom: Building the Big Picture: Info
The Socratic Method: Fostering Critical Thinking: Info
Using Peer Teaching in the Classroom: Info
Using Physical Models in the Engineering Classroom: Tip-off to an excellent article about McGraw Hill's Hands-On Mechanics Web site. Info
Using PowerPoint to Promote Active Learning: This tip gives suggestions on how to use PowerPoint to engage students more actively. Info
When YouTube Met Creative Commons: Info
Write Now! Improving In-Class Engagement Through In-Class Writing: Info
Writing in the Margins: Info
Teaching with Technology