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Master Teacher Initiative Teaching Tips

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Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity: Professor Darrell Fontane shares an article on Academic Integrity in Engineering which is applicable to teaching in most disciplines. Info
Academic Integrity and Class Participation: Info
Academic Integrity and Class Preparation: Info
Academic Integrity and Exams: Info
Academic Integrity and Final Grades: Info
Academic Integrity and Giving Proper Credit: Info
Academic Integrity and Writing Assignments: Info
Academic Integrity: Explaining it to Your Students: Info
Academic Integrity: Living Up to Scholarly Responsibilities: Info
How should I address academic integrity on my syllabus?: Info
Accessibility: Digital Media
Active Learning
Assessment: Tests/Quizzes/Questioning
Cheating and Plagiarism
Class Administration/Classroom Models
Classroom Behavior
Commencement Addresses/Inspiration
Copyright Essentials
Course Design and Evaluation
Creativity and the Classroom
Current Issues in Higher Education
Discussion Strategies
Distance/Online Strategies
Experiential Education
First Day Tips
Funny Stuff
Lesson Planning
Lecture Tips
Professional Matters
Student Centered Instruction
Teaching in the Disciplines
Teaching Strategies
Teaching with Technology