Recent Teaching Tips

10 Commandments of Lecturing, by Rachael Brothers

5 Ways Online Teaching Positively Affects Your Classroom, by Rachael Brothers

Stay On Course With the Daily Class Session Guide, by Barbara Hooper, PhD

Establishing Independent Students, by Rachael Brothers

Fostering Learning Retention, by Rachael Brothers

Master Teacher Initiative Teaching Tips

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Welcome to the Master Teacher Initiative Teaching Tips. Please click on the folders, below, to view the list of teaching tips. To view a complete tip, click on the title of the teaching tip.

Academic Integrity
Accessibility: Digital Media
Active Learning
Assessment: Tests/Quizzes/Questioning
Cheating and Plagiarism
Class Administration/Classroom Models
Classroom Behavior
Commencement Addresses/Inspiration
Copyright Essentials
Course Design and Evaluation
Creativity and the Classroom
Current Issues in Higher Education
Discussion Strategies
Distance/Online Strategies
Experiential Education
First Day Tips
Funny Stuff
Lesson Planning
Lecture Tips
Professional Matters
Crafting a Teaching Persona: This tip addresses the image an instructor presents to his/her classroom audience. Info
Faculty-to-Faculty Classroom Courtesies: Guidelines for extending common courtesy to fellow faculty members. Info
Good Teaching: The Top Ten Requirements: A short, summary of a widely circulated teaching article written by award winning educator, Richard W. Leblanc. Info
Mid-Semester Student Feedback: Intro to Mid-Semester Student Feedback options offered by TILT Info
Readings for Teaching in Higher Education: This tip lists a few excellent books on the topic of teaching in higher education. Info
Teach to Where the Puck Will Be: Info
Student Centered Instruction
Teaching in the Disciplines
Teaching Strategies
Teaching with Technology