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Establishing Independent Students, by Rachael Brothers

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Master Teacher Initiative Teaching Tips

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Academic Integrity
Accessibility: Digital Media
Active Learning
Assessment: Tests/Quizzes/Questioning
Cheating and Plagiarism
Class Administration/Classroom Models
Classroom Behavior
Commencement Addresses/Inspiration
Copyright Essentials
Course Design and Evaluation
Creativity and the Classroom
Current Issues in Higher Education
Discussion Strategies
Distance/Online Strategies
Experiential Education
First Day Tips
Funny Stuff
Lesson Planning
Lecture Tips
Professional Matters
Student Centered Instruction
Teaching in the Disciplines
Teaching Strategies
Teaching with Technology
"Clickers" aka Classroom Response Systems: An introduction to automated Classroom Response Systems Info
Checking Technology at the Classroom Door: Info
Colorado State University Access Project: Universal Design for Learning: Info
Create a RamCT Chat Room: Instructions for using Help at RamCT to set up online chat rooms. Info
Create a RamCT Discussion Forum: Instructions for using Help at RamCT to set up an online discussion forum. Info
Diverse Ways of Learning: This tip describes a Teaching With Technology Workshop presented by award-winning professor David Greene. Info
Engaging Students in the Age of Smartphones: Info
Innovative Mobile Apps for Teaching: Info
Podcasting in Higher Education: This teaching tip links to a interview with Dr. Daniel Colman, Director and Associate Dean of Stanford University's Continuing Studies program, who discusses the use of podcasting at the college level. Info
Scavenger Hunting: An Activity for Online Course Orientation: Info
Using Sound in Classroom Projects: This tip summarizes a podcast from the Chronicle of Higher Education about using audio recording in class projects. Info
Using Tablet PCs as "Labtops": This tip summarizes some creative uses of Tablet PCs as they are used by a Colorado State University chemistry professor. Info