Managing the End of the Semester

By Peter Connor

How to Avoid Hitting the Panic Button

Do you ever feel like your back is up against the wall at the end of the semester? You haven’t got all the material you intended to cover covered. Your course syllabus spells out X amount but you’re not quite there yet. It’s a race against time. There are only a few class periods left. You start jamming like there’s no tomorrow. Your main objective: cover the remaining content.

The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota offers an alternative. Rather than trying to cover that last bit of content, refocus those last few days on providing review sessions. Get with your students and go over that which you have covered, where you’ve taken them, and how far they’ve come.

A few strategies include:

The information above is derived from The Final Class Sessions: Providing Closure found on the University of Minnesota’s Center for Teaching and Learning Center Web site.


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